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Group Five Pipe design and manufacture their own pipe making, pipe handling and pipe testing equipment.

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End bevelling machine
for pipe diameters from
500mm to 3000mm

End Bevelling Machine
An End Bevelling Machine in Action

Belling machine for wall thicknesses up to 18mm and pipe diameters ranging from 400mm to 2000mm

Belling Machine

Pipe Rotator with quick adjustment for pipe diameters ranging from 500mm to 3000mm. Safe working load 35 000kg

Pipe Rotator

X-Ray Equipment
for realtime inspection. Suitable for diameters of 500mm to 3000mm up to 25mm wall thickness

X-Ray equipment

Hydrostatic Testers for pipes up to 3000mm diameter and 24 metre length

Hydrostatic Testers
Hydrotester with Operator

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